Who Are You?

Who is Madalyn Isaac?

Funny, I still can’t answer this question. I’m ever evolving in this thing called, LIFE. What I do know about myself is that I’m ambitious, I’m a dreamer, a goal seeker and a force to be reckoned with.

Let me explain these points, if I think it, I believe it. If I believe it, I will achieve it. Fear works opposite with me. I embrace FEAR! For example, the moment I knew I was destined to be in Human Resources I started seeking out positions that aligned with my current skills. Just like that, I got an interview with Southwest Airlines…in San Antonio, Texas but I lived in Houston, Texas. The company was willing to pay for me to fly in to interview. Which was perfect because I did not have the money or suitable vehicle to drive.There was only ONE PROBLEM – I was afraid of heights! Which meant, I did NOT, I repeat DID NOT want to fly. I know you are thinking, well why in the hell would you apply for a position where that’s ALL they do is FLY?! Because it was the perfect role and timing.

  1. I could move out of Houston (born and raised here)
  2. New Territory and Adventure
  3. Human Resources for an entry level role
  4. Benefits were Bananas…
  5. Benefits were Bananas…
  6. If I wanted something different, I had to do something out of the ordinary!

So I DID! I did something out of the ordinary, GOT ON A PLANE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. Interviewed and received a package to move to San Antonio, Texas with my “Bananas Benefits” and family. This was in October of 2006.

I’m still that way to this day. If something frightens me, I run towards it. Fear is a Blessing Blocker. God did not create man to be fearful, WISE – YES! Fearful, heck no. If I ran away from everything that shook me, I would be in a BOX, in a SAFE little place…UNHAPPY AND STAGNANT! TWO THINGS I DON’T DO ARE being unhappy and feeling like there is no way OUT. I was made to grow and flourish. I thrive on learning and teaching others what I’ve learned along the way. I’m a fighter by nature. My mother has a fighting spirit, her mother had a fighting spirit and I don’t know for sure but I can bet my grandmothers’ mother had a fighting spirit as well. I won’t be knocked downed and expected to STAY DOWN! NOT EVER! I will challenge myself on all levels to be better and not to make the same mistakes twice.

We only have one life! I plan to live like I’m dying, instead of dying to live.

My journey of finding Madalyn, is ever changing. Let’s see what else I can CONQUER along the way. Fashion World, I’m here…passport ready!




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