Some Days...

Some Days…

Whew child! As you all know, I’m still in the Corporate World until I can gain momentum with my passion – POSH BY IMANI. Some days I want to get out of my seat, pack my stuff and twirl to my car never to return again. Some days I have to pray and pump myself up to believe that I will come in the office, and conquer the world. Some days, I sit and wonder what the purpose is for this moment and time in this place of business for me. Some days, I have to remind myself that I could be homeless, jobless, faithless and lifeless.

But this day…

I am fully aware that God has a purpose and plan for my Life. I can’t rush it, force it, skip a step or cheat my way to my destination. When God said, let there be light. It was so! So I am faithful that ONE DAY SOON, GOD will say, Madalyn you may now proceed to your next chapter!

When we learn that we ourselves don’t run anything and it is in fact ALL ORCHESTRATED BY OUR HEAVENLY FATHER. Then we will be released from anxiety, tension, doubt, stress and so forth. There is a time and season for EVERYTHING! I have come to believe that God doesn’t allow certain things to manifest in urgency because he is testing our character. How are you acting while you are waiting for your Blessing?

It’s not time yet!


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