Breaking Chains...

Breaking Generational Curses!

I guess the first question is, what are generational curses? Well, since you asked…generational curses are roadblocks, baggage, continued toxic behaviors that are passed on from generation to generation. Unless one chooses to break the chain. I’m choosing to break the chain. No more will I waddle in defeat, filling my luggage with past hurt, toting my failures, and running from challenges that were created to propel me to my destiny. Seeking counseling in an African American household use to be uncommon and unheard of. These days we are paying more attention to our Mental Stability and owning that what happens in this house should not stay in this house. The house symbolizes our “heads, hearts and soul” to be quite frank! If we keep things and situations that have affected us in a major way bottled up within, we are asking for a convulsive explosion. My parent’s era gave everything to God in prayer, but they still held on to certain situations in their past that made a substantial imprint of who they are today. I’m not saying not to seek God in your wilderness. I’m saying that sometimes in order to truly heal, one needs assistance in deeper areas that will require guidance and resolutions. I challenge you to dig deeper, continue praying and heal from the inside out.


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